15 Trees Donation

15 Trees Donation

Pursuing sustainability has led us to an exciting community partnership with 15 Trees – delivering profound outcomes.

$6 per bottle


Teaming up with 15 Trees, we are proactively reducing our carbon footprint and regenerating the natural environment. 15 Trees is an organisation that facilitates the purchase and planting of native trees for project sites around Australia. The trees are purchased from local nurseries, and are a mixture of eucalyptus, wattle, and smaller native shrubs. They are planted by community groups such as Landcare, schools, and environmental networks.

Trees not only produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they also provide native wildlife habitat, create green corridors, and help reverse the effects of soil erosion and salinity.

With your support, we will be able to do much, much more! Here’s how to get involved:

Buy a tree for just $5 using the purchase facility below. Buy a tree when you visit one of our cellar doors or purchase wine online Join the ‘The Barrel Club’ (or refer a friend if you are already a Member) and we will purchase a tree on your behalf As a Wine Club Member, purchase additional trees as part of your quarterly wine order Purchase trees at our special events Look out for special new release promotions where we will purchase trees in exchange for bottles sold