Hunting Ale Case 24 x 330ml

Hunting Ale Case 24 x 330ml

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Pale Ale Bursting with Tropical fruit – The Perfect afternoon Beer

$110 per bottle


Given that we are pretty good at creating wine we were quite confident that we could apply that knowledge & expertise slightly further afield.

We have long supported craft beer breweries at our cellar door with an extensive range of local & international brews, however, our goal for some time has been to have our own Gundog brew. After all, we drink so much of it in the pursuit of wine excellence, it makes sense to have our own.

We are beyond excited to announce that Gundog now has its own craft brew. Yes, the Gundog Hunting Ale has arrived. Woot woot!!!

We teamed up with a local independent craft beer expert for this high-quality Gundog brew. With its unique Australian flavour, we love it and think you will too.

Gundog Hunting Ale. Because no one ever solved the great mysteries of life drinking water.


  • RegionHunter Valley, New South Wales
  • TypeCider
  • Alcohol Volume4.1%
  • Standard Drinks24